Microsoft is doing something in a wonderful way for Xbox gamers that it is sure they will appreciate. The company is arming Xbox Two with PS5 super weapon in a bid to break Sony’s record. With more than twice as many PlayStation 4 games being sold compared to the Xbox One, Microsoft is hell bent on achieving just that dominion that Sony had for many years in the gaming console market.

Sony wants to release its PlayStation 5 to early next year. Now, Microsoft threats will pummel Sony to act up and act good for it has got a powerful competitor in Microsoft this time.

The Xbox Two team is already making a statement that this upcoming console will set a benchmark for console gaming in the future. As said, Microsoft has already loaded the Xbox Two with insanely powerful hardware and elite next-generation features. In addition, the company has already started writing blank cheques to its games studios in a bid to make titles.

So Microsoft is ready to scour the earth for as many games it can collect. Of course, the company has no budget challenge and any company that a project for a new good game will find a business partner in Microsoft right now. Indeed, having access to Microsoft’s deep funding resources for game development will certainly be a hit for many game developers, something that some have described as a generation-winning play.

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However, there is a school of thought that Microsoft would have started garnering games studios years ago. Popular game studios such as Undead Labs, Ninja Theory, Obsidian, Inxile, Compulsion, and Playground, would have been okay. Nevertheless, it would not make any sense to buy up game studios to later shut them down; not at this time when Xbox is trailing Playstation by such a massive distance in terms of installation and popularity.

Sony has been dominating the game console market with the new PS4 is that it has a lot of exclusive titles. These were games that offered amazing experiences that was hard to find anywhere else.

Microsoft is prepared now to counter all those with its own Xbox Two coming with exclusives too.


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