Minecraft Education Edition Gets Code Builder Update

Minecraft has taken a step further by providing a new update for the Education Edition. This new update has to do with a new code builder. This new tool will bring a code-editing interface to Minecraft. It is expected that players should be able to perform tasks that they were once not able to. This may involve among others, the ability for players to create custom Minecraft commands.

Minecraft Education Edition is very vibrant, with a user base of more than two million players worldwide. These include youngsters who can now have the new update up and running on their Minecraft by simply opening the code builder when they hit the C button. They can do the same thing if they push the Access button at the top of tablets such as the iPad. That will open up the user interface and therein, the child can drag and drop customizable elements of code onto the canvas.

Children can even go further by customizing the text in the colored areas by changing items, numbers, and even actions. This is indeed a world of innovation for the device.

This new update also hosts a number of other added paraphernalia including a world library for players to browse and download worlds for Minecraft Education Edition. Other added innovative items include new control guide which shows on-screen will teachers save time while teaching students how to play the game.

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For better implementation, Microsoft on its part released a new Hour of Code tutorial which is titled ‘Voyage Aquatic’. This is meant to replaces the learner in Minecraft puzzle game. Microsoft reveals that this move makes its team think creatively while trying different coding solutions.

Voyage Aquatic will let learners put together code tiles in a bid solve different puzzles. This is believed to have the capacity to hone children’s intellectual abilities.

This new Education Edition of Minecraft is available on Windows 10, iPads, and macOS devices. However, iPads are the latest recipients of the new Minecraft Education Edition. While Mac users will need to update manually, other operating systems may just get it automatically on their devices.


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