BlitzWolf BW VP1
BlitzWolf BW VP1

BW-VP1: A brutal projector! – BlitzWolf is a Chinese manufacturer that seems to be trying to replicate the path that Xiaomi has taken in recent years, by launching an authentic avalanche of electronic devices capable of impressing you by the specifications, but especially by the price.

That said, today we are going to look at the BlitzWolf BW-VP1, a ~ 70 € projector that really impressed me with its capabilities.

(Mini-Review) BlitzWolf BW-VP1: A brutal € 74 projector! (Link here)

So, as soon as we pick up the product box, it’s easy to see where the brand saved some change. We just see a simple white box where we can only see the model of the product … Of course, you will not win any design awards. However, when we already know that we are buying a ‘budget’ product, I prefer that the packaging money is spent on the quality and specifications of the device. I don’t see any problem here.

However, when we opened the package, we found the projector, an IR controller, a power cable, an RCA adapter cable, and an instruction manual.

The projector itself is a box that is neither too big nor too small, with its 1kg weight and dimensions of 19.78 x 15.2 x 7.45 cm, and tough ABS plastic that gives it a good quality and robustness in construction. At the front, we find the lens, as well as an IR sensor for the remote (there is another sensor at the rear, to be able to use the remote, whether it is in front or behind the projector). In addition to all this, we also found a speaker capable of a very loud sound, something that impressed me in the positive.

We also have support for the tripod at the bottom (front) to change the viewing angle. As for connectivity, we can find VGA, HDMI, USB, and RCA inputs, plus an AUX 3.5mm sound output, all on the left side. At the top we also find 8 buttons to control the menus, the exact same buttons that we also have on the remote.

Image Quality and Performance

The BW-VP1 projector works at a distance between 1 and 3 meters, achieving a screen size between 28 and an impressive 100 inches. Of course, the resolution is a simple 720p, although the input itself is done at 1080p. However, for the price, I think we have a very satisfactory image quality. Needless to say, the closer you are to the wall or screen, the better the image output quality will be. It is up to you to find your ‘sweet spot’.

Usually, one of the big problems with these budget solutions is the fan noise and lack of brightness of the projector. But I can already say that BlitzWolf did an excellent job in these fields. It is obvious that you will have to turn off the lights to see the content on the wall or screen, as in any projector. Still, it won’t be necessary to live in complete darkness, thanks to the 1800nits of brightness that in my opinion are very decent for the price. In terms of noise, it is not at all annoying!

As for image quality, whites are really bright and blacks, although not perfect, are quite identifiable, all thanks to the 2000: 1 contrast. The colors are very saturated and look natural.

In the field of sound, do not expect to have Dolby Surround as in a NOS theater! But the speaker is capable of reaching impressive volume levels, with good bass and good quality in distinguishing the voices and other sounds of any film or series. For a small room or room, it will be more than enough. However, if you want to put this boy in a large room, I recommend using external speakers.


In short, BlitzWolf has a spectacular projector here for the price of 74 €. In fact, we can say that you can very easily spend 10x more, without finding major improvements in the image result.

I even took advantage of the projector’s HDMI input to connect a Chromecast, which basically turned this super budget projector into a Smart Projector! It is brutal to pick up the phone and pass movies, series or simple YouTube videos to the BW-VP1 and enjoy everything on my bedroom wall. All this for a ridiculous price of 100 €! (74 + € 30 from Chromecast).

Thus, the BW-VP1 offers a cinema experience on a giant screen at a super low price. Being an excellent deal for those who always wanted a projector, but never dreamed of having enough money to actually buy it.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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