Minimum Storage Requirement for Windows 10 has been Changed
Minimum Storage Requirement for Windows 10 has been Changed

The coming Windows 10 May Update is bringing a change in the Minimum Hardware Requirement to run Windows 10 on your computer. It is the first time that Microsoft is doing this.

We are getting to hear about several issues taking place regarding Windows 10 May Update. The news of MS Paint not being included in the Windows 10 May Update has been denied by one of the employees of Microsoft. One Bug of Windows 10 May 2019 Update Bug Reported By Microsoft is also in trend.

Now the latest news we are getting from Microsoft is that the “Minimum Storage Requirements” For Windows 10 after the May Update aka version 1903 has been increased. There was no change in the hardware requirement before for all the major Windows 10 Update’s including October 2018 Update, the Anniversary Update etc.

What is The New Minimum Storage Device Requirement

Microsoft has only changed the Minimum Storage Requirement and the rest is the same as before.  Earlier the minimum storage requirement was 16 GB space for 32-Bit and 32 GB space for the 64-Bit computer system. But after the May Update, Minimum Storage Required for Both 32-bit and 64-bit is 32 GB. You can see the screenshot below for more details.

windows 10 minimum storage space requirement details

Why Microsoft Has Demanded More Storage?

To run all your Tasks smoothly, storage space matters a lot. Seeing this Microsoft has taken this step. Microsoft wants to keep at least 7 GB of Extra space to manage Windows Update, temporary files and Cache to enhance the performance of the computer system. This step is also taken to ensure that in future any windows update doesn’t fail due to low storage space.

If your computer system has enough or extra storage space then this reform will not disturb you. But those who are using a very outdated system having low space then they need to either upgrade their hardware specification or shift to an older version of Windows like 7 or 8.1.

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