Here is a stylish activity tracker that has innovation written all over it. It has more operations than just keep tabs of your movement while sweat out doing jogging. The company called Misfit has promised something in its name. it is called Misfit Vapor 2.

Misfit wants to bring fashion to the fore front of the fitness industry, and with the new Misfit Vapor 2, the journey is almost complete. The Vapor 2 smartwatch is also known as the design-forwaard touch screen smartwatch that will play nice with both iOS and Android devices. In view of this, users will be able to enjoy everything they want to right there on their wrist.

Furthermore, the Misfit Vapor will be powered by Google’s Wear OS. That is Google’s latest wearable device platform. With the Misfit Vapor 2 on this platform, users will be able to enjoy an unrivalled, world-class software experience that a plethora of features. These features will include Google Assistant, hundreds of Google Play apps, notifications, and Google Fit.

All these will be very essential and desirable while the user gets to enjoy completely customizable experience no matter which smartphone platform they are making use of. Similarly, the Vapor 2 will act as its predecessor and boast integrated music player, 4GB internal storage, an upgrade and redesigned optical heart rate sensor, a swim-proof design and an all-day battery power.

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Users may also be able to make choices between choosing 41mm and 46mm case options, depending on what they prefer. There will be different kinds of options to pick from and the strap options will enable users to look their as they match their wardrobe accordingly. They should expect eight different colorways when the Misfit Vapor 2 launches. In addition, users will have the opportunity to customize the watch screen with an endless array of style options. In view of this, they may alter the color, the background image, and also the font.

Although the Misfit Vapor 2 has not been released, many retailers are seen listing it among their stocks. We are getting word that the Misfit Vapor 2 will be released on October 31, 2018. Expect the smartwatch to retail for a relatively affordable price of $249.99 when it is released.


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