Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi is finally making the stable MIUI 11 update available for Redmi Note 8 Pro. It is already being implemented in China. The update is not too big, it has 392 MB. This is because this stable ROM is based on Android 9 Pie and not Android 10.

MIUI 11 has arrived for Redmi Note 8 Pro! See all that changes!

The timing of the upgrade from MIUI 11 to Redmi Note 8 Pro is in line with the promised schedule. The Chinese smartphone variant receives the MIUI update around the beginning of November, while the global variant should receive the update by the end of December. Despite being a very recent device, Redmi Note 8 Pro is one of the last devices to receive the MIUI 11 update, both in China and worldwide.

The new update comes with a number of features, including a redesigned interface and lots of new productivity thinking.

And what comes in this new version? Well many things. But the main thing is the performance and battery life. 

Firstly, we had already mentioned in Leak that one of the focus of the new version would be to get a more “clean” design.

With the MIUI 11, Xiaomi has actually applied a more modern touch. As Huawei and Samsung did, Xiaomi has advanced and changed not only the look but also the overall design of the user interface. Now everything is designed to be more accessible with just one hand.

This same design language has been applied to almost every part of the new interface, resulting in a clean, modern look. Much of the MIUI 10 junk has been removed from the interface and is clearly much better than before. There is much more white space and bold colors, which is the current trend in the smartphone market.

The Dark Mode

Dark Mode is one of the main features of Android Q and MIUI 11 bet on it with some customizations. The implementation of Xiaomi appears to be very similar to Huawei’s EMUI dark mode, as it changes the color of all system applications and uses a true dark mode, as opposed to the more blue and dark gray mode of Android Q.

New source

Xiaomi has introduced a new source, which the company claims to be very simplified and suitable for virtually any situation. The new MiLan Pro font follows the overall design trend of the entire interface. However it can be easily changed without difficulty.

Always-on screen

Here what Xiaomi calls the home screen is a bit different from other companies’ implementations. It’s just that Xiaomi was more concerned with customization. The user can customize the clock that appears on the “always-on” screen and there are many options available. In the meantime, users can also create their own customizable message that appears on this screen.

In addition, animations in this mode can serve as a notification indicator.

MIUI 11: Dynamic Sound System

Xiaomi has updated all alarm and notification sounds to be dynamic in the new interface. What this means is that the sounds generated may change depending on variables such as location and time of day.

Productivity has not been forgotten either

Xiaomi has added new productivity tools. Mi Work Productivity Suite introduces four new company applications. They are all designed for different subsets of work.

MIUI 11: File Sharing

Xiaomi’s Mi Share app allows devices with MIUI 11 to share files between Xiaomi laptops, Xiaomi smartphones, Oppo devices, and Vivo devices. All in an easy and fast way. It has a very simple interface and transfers files much faster than with standard methods at 82MB /.

An integrated document reader is also present. It was developed in partnership with WPS Office and has many improvements. Supports all types of documents such as PDFs, powerpoints, excel and word files.

Xiaomi has really thought of everything and we even have a friendlier MIUI 11 who needs to make a presentation. It comes with a presentation tool that can stream content to a screen while allowing the user to add notes or a finger like a laser pointer.

The new interface also lets you print much more simply. Choose your printer brand and pair it with your smartphone. Everything is as simple as that.

MIUI 11 also has an application that allows you to manage your travel and the like, although at the global level it has little interest.

However, we now move on to an important point of the new interface!

There is a new mode that guarantees greater battery life and is essentially the energy-saving mode pulled to its fullest. Not much detail has been revealed about the release. However, we know it can last a full day on just 5% battery.

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