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Truth be told, i am not alien to the struggles of our mothers and sisters visiting different cold room stores to find the most affordable and cheapest frozen foods (fish, chicken) and so on. They walk through different cold rooms as much as they walk through different shops in the open market. However, Mobile cold room aims to put a very stop, and end to their problems.

The concept of Mobile cold room

Mobile cold room

According to them, their “services are aimed at ensuring superior customer value creation and optimum customer satisfaction through the wide range of highly nutritious, quality frozen food products”. So basically, Mobile cold room was established to supply a variety of frozen foods to individuals and various food service organisations. Some of these organisations include restaurants, hotels, schools, catering services, healthcare institutions, non-governmental organisations, and grocery stores.

All the customer has to do is to visit their website, check the prices of products (Chicken, fish, prawn, shrimps, snails and crab) and make your order, of which you can pay after delivery. Well, i don’t know why they still use the pay on delivery option, maybe they have a differing view about it from industry veterans that have condemned it.

What sets Mobile cold room apart?

order frozen products on Mobile cold room

On their website, Mobile cold room made known that it “source its frozen foods from the best vendors both locally and internationally, store in the best conditions, ensure the implementation of our strict sanitation policies and sell at the best prices.

“Most importantly, we offer optimal convenience through our effective and low-cost delivery system which also allows you to pay for orders on delivery ensuring your shopping experience is completely trouble free”

Currently, i also do not think there is any other platform that deals with the delivery of frozen food products to customers. While we have that of groceries, ready made food delivery and so on, this is the first when it comes to frozen food products. So what does this imply? This shows that Mobile cold room actually has a full market to themselves. They are addressing a market, and solving the needs of a particular set of people which is basically what a startup should be about.

Future prospects?

Well, given how new the market is, and the acceptability of this service by customers, and also the service’s current monopoly (and the benefits that comes with the first entrant), i do see Mobile cold room becoming a ‘thing’ in the nearest future. We also do expect that they get involved in pitching their startups, and are able to secure some investments which would be crucial at this point.

The startup was founded by Runsewe Opeoluwa in February of this year.


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