Mobile gods are angry
Mobile gods are angry

While trying to place an order for a device yesterday, i stumble on something that amazed me, and i must share it with you guys. I noticed that there had been a massive increase on the price of the InnJoo Fire Plus from 27,600 – 41,400 while the Infinix Zero 3 price increased from 46,000 53,000 followed by the InnJoo Halo which price also increased from N14,000 – N27,600 Lol… But it is not funny. See photos below:

InnJoo Halo Price

InnJoo Fire Plus price Infinix Zero 3 X552 Price

It is like the increase is due to the rise in dollar which is seriously affecting the Nigeria market. But, that increase is huge especially that of the InnJoo Fire Plus which almost double the old price. Come to think of it, this InnJoo is not a 4G phone, it is not even upgradable to Android 5.0 update talk more of OTA system update. I can see that the gods of the land are really angry.

Do you recently buy any of the two phones online of recent? tell us how much you bought your own.

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