wifi cellular
wifi cellular

To those of us who use our phones’ data connection on other devices through a mobile hotspot, problems might arise occasionally. One of such problems is the fact that you are connected to the hotspot, and yet your browser cannot load any websites. This tutorial is to provide you with a few solutions that you can try in fixing such problem.

Fix: Mobile Hotspot Connected But Not Working

The following solutions can be quite useful:

==> Check if the data connection on your phone is turned on.

Most times we turn on our hotspot while forgetting to turn on the data connection. Without the data connection turned on, there’s no way that you can surf the internet through the hotspot connection. So turn it on if it’s off.

==> Restart your data connection

By restarting your phone’s data connection, you could refresh the Internet connection if it was bogged down.

==> Ensure that you are connected to the right Wi-Fi network

Sometimes, we connect to a different Wi-Fi hotspot thinking it is the right one. Check to ensure that you are connected to the right network if your websites are not loading.

==> Reduce the number of connected users

If the number of users connected to a particular Wi-Fi hotspot is much, it could minimize the speed of the connection and possibly stop it entirely. By reducing the number of connected devices, you can improve the speed of the connection.

==> Try resetting the network settings on the connected devices

On your PC or tablet or other connected devices, resetting their network settings to their default could be the solution.

==> Move your device serving as the hotspot to a different location.

Sometimes, the location of the hotspot device could be the problem. If the location has a poor network reception, try moving to another place.

==> Restart your phone and/or the connected device(s)

When all the other methods are abortive, you can reboot the phone and/or the connected devices.

If you try one method and it doesn’t work, you can try a combination of the other methods to get a better result.


The methods given above are not the only solutions, but they are some of the simplest ones and the ones that should easily come to mind in such a situation. If you have other suggestions, please let me know.


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