Mono Crystalline Vs. Poly Crystalline Solar Panel (Photovoltaic)


The world is making progress every day in terms of technology. Although different types of solar panels are available in the market, but we will learn about the most used panels and try to understand the difference between them.

There are two main types of panels available in abundance in the market -

  1. Mono Crystalline Solar Panel
  2. Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

The above panels are the most used in their country, especially in the small installation of polycrystalline panels.

Mono Crystalline Vs. Poly Crystalline Solar Panel (Photovoltaic)

Mono Crystalline Solar Panel

Mono panel size is smaller compared to the poly panel, but more energy efficient. Price of the mono panel is higher than that of the poly.

Although mono panels are energy efficient, if compared to the poly panel, they have to use a solar tracking system to use their full potential.

Solar tracking system rotates the panel according to sunlight so that maximum energy is obtained. But this is very expensive and does not fit into everyone's budget.

Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

Poly panel sizes are larger than mono panel but are cheap. Their energy production capacity is a bit of work, but due to cheap prices, the highest use is from these panels. There is a difference of about 2% energy efficiency in the poly and mono panel. But the technique of poly panel is improving day by day and we also recommend poly panel for all installation.

Note - Do not buy panels with cheap and non-branded brands.

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