Moto c2
Moto c2

As we all know, Motorola has a strong presence here in many countries. This is because it has many local factories and is not subject to large import taxes. It is no wonder that most of its releases are fast in reaching fans.

Now, the Moto C2 and Moto C2 Plus have been certified by ANATEL. According to the documents, the Moto C2 will measure 147.9 x 71.2mm. In addition, it will be a single or dual-SIM device with LTE. Units targeting Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East will not have NFCs. The capacity of the battery will be of 2,120mAh.

The  C2 will only have 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, good enough for being an Android Go. Moreover, although we do not have a concrete release date,   the certificates show us that this will happen very soon. 

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