Motorola is a brand currently owned by Lenovo. They are famous for the Moto Z series of smart devices with modular accessory support. Then, iFixit is a company that regularly ‘delivers’ gadgets and repair specialists. Motorola and iFixit now collaborate in producing their own spare parts (DIY).

Through this collaboration, Motorola is the first device manufacturer to supply spare parts to OEM companies. So far, on iFixit’s official website there are 9 models of Motorola smartphones like Moto Z Play, Moto G5 Plus, Moto G4 and more. There are spare parts for batteries and screens and each set of parts is included with tools to help consumers repair themselves.

So, Motorola users are no longer limited to sending devices to repair at the official Motorola repair center – but can now repair themselves as well. With this collaboration, it is hoped that more manufacturers will also offer such advantages.


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