Mozilla Has Launched New Firefox Preview Browser For Android
Mozilla Has Launched New Firefox Preview Browser For Android

Mozilla has launched its new Android browser called ‘Firefox Preview‘ on the play store. This release is an early version of an experimental Firefox browser for Android. It a redesigned version of Firefox for Android smartphones.

About Firefox Preview

This new app is expected to work 2 times faster as compared to the older one. Mozilla has also previously launched other browsers for Android including Firefox Focus and Firefox lite.

The new Firefox Preview browser is designed to have a minimalist user interface allowing its users to save, organize, and share sites. A new way of bookmarking your favorite websites has also been implemented here.  It has an in-built Firefox tracking protection feature enabled which is enabled by default.

You can also switch between light or dark mode depending on your choice on the browser. There is also an automatic option which does this job automatically according to day or night condition.

The URL address bar is situated at the bottom of the mobile screen which will allow you to easily reach here using your thumb. On swiping up the URL, you will find options to share and bookmark the site’s address.Mozilla-Preview-Bottom-URL-bar

Fast Browsing Experience and Security

Firefox has used its own tracking engine GeckoView instead of Blink which is Chromium browser engine browser in the new Firefox Preview browser. Other Mozilla browsers like Firefox Focus also runs on GeckoView. The working of GeckoView is similar to WebView, which is found pre-installed on all the Android smartphones, but GeckoView uses its own APIs.

According to Mozilla, “While all other major Android browsers today are based on Blink and therefore reflective of Google’s decisions about mobile, Firefox’s GeckoView engine ensures us and our users’ independence”.

The senior product manager, Vesta Zare says, “speed improvements are driven in large part by the comprehensive tracking protection that is on by default in Firefox Preview.”

This can also be considered as another attempt by Mozilla to compete with Chrome. Mozilla wants to replace the old Android Firefox browser with the new Preview one.

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