Mozilla Is Going To Launch Premium Services By The End Of 2019


The owner of the popular browser Mozilla Firefox is looking to launch some paid services to increase their income. The CEO of Mozilla Corporation Chris Beard in an interview with the German media company T3N said that the company is focused on launching a new version of Firefox with paid features like secure cloud storage and VPN services.

The VPN services will provide all the users with the same bandwidth for free but those who are looking for more has to buy the monthly subscription plan of it.

According to the Chris Beard, the premium version of the Firefox will be launched by the October month of this year. And the all the previous features of the Firebox browser will still fall under the category of free services in the new version of the browser too.

There is a confusion that the company is going to implement the new paid services as add ons or they are going to launch a separate version of the browser for it. The company is earning money by making Google as the default search engine in its Firefox browser and another app called pocket which discovers and curates content. But the main source of income comes from the searches. So the company is trying to provide premium service to increase their revenue.

The company has already tested OUT the VPN service by partnering with ProtonVPN at 10 dollars subscription fee. The CEO in the statement said, "We want to add more subscription services to our mix and focus more on the relationship with the user to become more resilient in business issues".

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Mozilla is putting constant efforts to provide more and more features on its web browser. They have recently launched two new features. The first one is a file sharing feature named as Firefox Send and the other one is password manager.

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