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money transfer

In this post, we talked about how FinTech startups are the carving a future for the african continent. A future that could result in the very long awaited caashless economy we hope to have. FinTech startups like VoguePAy, SimplePay, PayStack, mPesa in Kenya and many more have been doing tremendous things and taking very striving efforts to change the face of financial transactions in Africa and beyond. To add to this list, we now have Mpaying.

Mpaying allows you to shop online, and transfer funds, even with digital currencies

Just like others, Mpaying is an electronic/mobile payment processor that provides an online payment gateway for private individuals and business owners alike.

The startup was co-founded by Aremu kamali and Duru Kingsley. The two founders has an aim, and it is to provide a seamless route for financial transactions worldwide.

How different is Mpaying?

So you do not think this is just another FinTech startup that is not offering anything different from others, let me let you in on the fact Mpaying’s operation’s model is multi-versatile. As a result of this, users can shop in any geographical location and transact, even in digital currencies. You see where creativity comes in.

It has been well emphasized times without number on how important creativity is in your startup. it goes a long way to make your startup stand out from the crowd. Aside from Mpaying, i don’t think any other FinTech platform offers to do transactions in digital currencies, if there are, they’re only a few of them. Now that’s what standing out from the crowd is.

Mpaying is located in Aguda-Surulere, Lagos. Side question: why not cchub?

transfer funds, shop anywhere with Mpaying

How exactly does Mpaying work?

First, to use this platform, intending users have to sign up on the website, after which an Mpaying card would be issued. The Mpaying card allows users to carry out transactions such as fund transfer, airtime purchase, receive/make payments and so on.

Their primary task as an outfit is to render quality service in the areas of information technology, e-commerce, corporate branding, online payment solution, online marketplace and sms application development.

It is no news that they would have already found theirselves in a fierce competition with the likes of Paga, PayStack, VoguePay, SimplePay and so on. This has however not moved them a bit, as they offer incentives such as low prices, and have large agent networks and international products which is definitely a big competitive advantage.

My thoughts?

If you ask me, i think Mpaying is a tech startup that passes to be called ‘creative’. The way they are structured, it is glaring that they are ready to take over the market, especially given the fact that you can tansfer funds to over “7,000,000,000” people in the world.

With the right adverts, marketing, and customer service, they have a robust chance to get to be the top. You can check out their website here, and tell us what you think about them. Do you see potentials that could take over the financial tech industry in Mpaying? We would really love to hear from you as soon as possible.

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  1. My experience with Mpaying is v.very bad. The worst of it all is that I have almost the top staff include the MD. Still my fund was hug in the system. The app, their system, POS. All fail.
    I think CBN system look into POS and make sure all requirements are met including. Software and hardware not just the money and the system should be test over a period of time.

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