Multi-Lens Technology For Cameras Of Light Will Be Presented To Smartphones

In 2015, we’ve seen Light, one of the technology companies with L16 cameras that integrates 16 built-in lenses for image recording. With this multi-lens use, it enables the recording of quality DSLR images to be produced. It is performed by recording about 10 footage at a different focal distance which is unified into one image.

Now, after several years, a new report comes to say Light is in the process of bringing the multi-lenses technology to the smartphone.

In fact, via a prototype phone picture shared with the Washington Post, Light shows the use of up to nine lenses on the back camera of a smartphone.

At the moment, it is not yet known who producers will integrate the technology.

Since the introduction of the Huawei P20 this year, various manufacturers have also begun to look at integrating three camera lenses for rear camera recording – and the war to increase the number of lenses is expected to continue for this year’s two.

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