Black Ops
Black Ops

According to a rumor, the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 might be comparable to games like Overwatch and Lawbreakers. Elements from these games would have been implemented, although this reportedly could not count on a positive judgment from gameplay testers.

The Twitter user Matt Harris relies on multiple sources that were present at the Black Ops 4 multiplayer test session. It can be seen from the tale that the multiplayer of the game is not very similar to the traditional Call of Duty gameplay with perks and killstreaks, but that is more like games like Overwatch and Lawbreakers.

Concretely, this means that the multiplayer in Black Ops 4 would tie in with the hero or specialist system of Black Ops 3, but more extensively. The traditional perks, which provide players with little extras, would largely have been traded in for a different killstreak variant. For example, the regular killstreaks in the previous Call of Durty games introduce a Harrier jet fighter or even an AC-130 gunship,  but that is lacking in Black Ops 4. Instead, very strong perks would have been inserted, driving the way they moved has changed, in the sense that it would resemble the advanced system of moving out of Black Ops 3.

According to Matt Harris, the gameplay testers were far from happy with this. They thought it was an ‘unfair portrait’ of Call of Duty. On the basis of this negative feedback, the developer Treyarch would again introduce regular killstreaks and the hero system would be slightly scaled back. This brings the game back close to the multiplayer of Black Ops 4.

How the multiplayer mode in Black Ops 4 will look exactly is still unclear. The source speculates that this is not good news for the state of the multiplayer of the game, partly because the announcement follows the new shooter on 17 May. The game comes out on October 12.

Recently, there was also a rumor that Raven Software was activated by Activision to insert a battle royale mode. The popular zombie mode would also return. In addition, according to reports, Black Ops 4 no longer receives a single-player campaign.

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