NASAs Curiosity Mars Rover Finds High Level Of Methane On Mars
NASAs Curiosity Mars Rover Finds High Level Of Methane On Mars

The scientists are working hard to find evidence of the existence of life outside Earth. A report has come from NASA, which can be considered as a proof of life existing on Mars as NASA’s rover has found a large amount of methane during a mission.

According to NASA’s official post, the Curiosity Mars rover of NASA has detected a high level of methane gas on Mars. It is to be noted that methane gas is mostly released in the presence of living organisms. This reflects that microorganisms exist on Mars.

It is also predicted that methane gas has been recently released because if the gas had previously released, then it would have broken into other components.

Another fact emerging out regarding methane gas is that it would have present on Mars for a very long time and being released in the Martian air through cracks.

SAM Principal Investigator Paul Mahaffy of NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland said, “With our current measurements, we have no way of telling if the methane source is biology or geology, or even ancient or modern.”

For your knowledge, this is not the first time that methane gas has been detected on Mars, but it has been found here previously too, back in 2012 and 2013. This time the largest amount of methane gas about 21 parts per billion in quantity has been found on Mars, which is almost seven times the previous search.

NASA is going to conduct more research and experiments from the data collected by the Curiosity Rover on Mars to come up with more better and accurate results.

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