My Netflix Account – When boredom craves in, all you need to is to get a nice movie and get yourself busy. And not only getting a nice movie but also doing so on Netflix. Why do I recommend Netflix? Now, you will agree with me that they are tons of websites where you can get movies online.

But it is not really about getting those movies; it is about getting it from the rightful source without much stress. Netflix since its inception has been in the lead when it comes to offering entertainment services and movies downloads.

With the high demand for HD movies and online movies, technology has through Netflix has given us that chance to get going with every movie that we need at any time with just some simple few steps. Netflix has millions of subscribers all over the world.

Right now, you will agree with me that there are so many sites where you can download latest movies and Tv shows. It is not really about getting those your favorite movies into your device; it is about getting them from the rightful source. And Netflix is that rightful source.

A place where you get original movies in different formats like from the standard definition down to Ultra High definition which is the highest. When it comes to an affordable plan, it comes first. Asides these introductions, they are other exciting features of Netflix. We have them below;

Key Features Of Netflix

1. you will enjoy unlimited streaming and download of movies and online Tv shows on Netflix with the one month free trial period

2. As a subscriber, you have the chance to cancel your subscription at any time whenever you feel that you are not satisfied with their services.

3. The Netflix app is free for download from any store be it Android, or Apple stores.

4. With the new invention of smart TVs, Game console, Xbox and the others, Netflix is inbuilt in those devices. In so far as those devices meet its recommendations.

5. Then the cost of the subscription is very affordable. If you wish to go for the basic plan, then it is just $7.99 while the highest is premium which is $11.99.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s go over to the steps in which you take to create a new Netflix valid account on Netflix without fuss

How To Create A Netflix Account

1. Go to the website at with any of your browsers, but you need to use a better one like UC Browser.

2. Maintain a standard network connection; then you click on the register button at the top right corner of the homepage

3. Then enter your name and your email address correctly for verification. click here to visit your email

4. A link will be sent to the email address which you will have to open to confirm your account on Netflix

5. Then type in a password of your own choice, and that’s all.

After going through this simple processes, the next thing to do is to activate your Netflix account.

Activation of Netflix Account

1. via your browser, locate the website here

2. click on login to your Netflix profile and input your login details like your name and email address

3. Then click on Activate your Netflix device and enter the registration code that will be sent to you

4. Finally, click on the activation button and wait for it to finish loading

5. After these steps, your account on Netflix will be ready. So, go on and enjoy your movies and stream online videos and enough Tv shows. see more info here

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