Netflix disappoints: new TV series canceled in April 2019

The Netflix catalog is always changing. The streaming service is ready to entertain its customers with new titles and original productions several times a year. As the past teach us, in fact, Netflix is always in the working and production phase to offer TV series of impact and excitement to those who subscribe. Although there are many TV series that have enthralled fans over time, others have not received the same success... In these cases, we know very well that continuing to produce new seasons could only be a waste of time.

For reasons like these and unfortunately reluctantly, the most coveted streaming service in the world finds itself forced to cancel several TV series from its online catalog which, more often than not, have also received some success.

Netflix: here are the last titles that have been deleted

Among the latest cancellations made by Netflix, we also find two titles that, unlike the others, were not renewed because they were concluded. These two TV series are Orange Is The New Black and A Series of Unfortunate Events. 
A different fate, on the other hand, concerned these TV series that will not have a final:

  • One Day at A Time
  • Marvel's The Punisher
  • Travelers
  • Marvel's Jessica Jones
  • University companions (Friends from College)
  • Fuller House
  • Nightflyers
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events.

In any case, we inform users that the episodes so far released will remain available in the catalog and will not be deleted until a later date.

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