Netflix no longer supports AirPlay

Apple is usually famous for being able to get the premieres of interesting applications for some time before they reach Android. Unfortunately, it is not always so colorful. And ecosystem users with the logo of a bitten apple uphill make the giant of the VOD market - Netflix.

There was a feature called AirPlay, which for some time has been one of the distinguishing features of Apple products. From day to day, Netflix decided to withdraw the support for this service, without any specific prerequisites. The VOD market tycoon has no specific reason. The company limited itself to a laconic statement, according to which technical constraints are responsible for this state of affairs. What? Unfortunately, this is not known.

People who move smoothly in the Apple ecosystem probably know that in addition to the AirPlay icon visible in the Netflix application, you can also call this mode from the control center level. Unfortunately, but I must disappoint you, because such a procedure will result in the appearance of a message similar to: "the title cannot be played, please try again later". Of course, after deactivating AirPlay in the settings, the material can be reproduced without any problem.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time when Netflix is making Apple uphill. Just recall the situation related to the debut of the film "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch", which is a work - at least in theory - interactive. The title was not supported on any version of Apple TV, forcing users to view on Macs or smartphones with the Apple logo. We do not know if removing the support for AirPlay is a temporary action or the decision is irrevocable. It can be presumed that indirectly it may result from the desire to introduce a cheaper subscription for mobile devices. If AirPlay caught up with such a service, then who knows, maybe the soon-to-be-popular VOD service will soon return in a big way?

For now, platform users must simply observe the changelog, hoping to restore functionality.

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