Netflix Launches A Cheap Rs 199 Mobile Only For The Indian Users
Netflix Launches A Cheap Rs 199 Mobile Only For The Indian Users

Netflix officially announced that it will reduce the speed offered by the service at 25% in Europe in order to avoid any overload problems in broadband networks connected millions of people daily. Specifically, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings agreed with Europe to reduce the platform’s bit rate by 30 days.

Update: YouTube downgrades video quality in Europe due to coronavirus

A Netflix spokesman said:
Following discussions by EU Commissioner Thierry Breton and Reed Hastings – and given the exceptional challenges of the coronavirus – Netflix has decided to cut the bit rate on all streams in Europe by 30 days. We believe that this will reduce traffic to European networks by 25%, while ensuring a good quality of service for our members.

Netflix expects users to experience a decline in image quality, but others won’t see the difference. The biggest difference will be found by those with the Ultra High Definition package, but the highest percentage is by the High Definition package.

Thierry Breton, in a statement, said:
Measures to combat coronavirus have led to increased network demand for teleworking, e-learning and entertainment. Netflix took action very quickly to keep the Internet running smoothly during the coronavirus crisis, while maintaining a good user experience. Mr Hastings has shown a strong sense of responsibility and solidarity. We will continue to communicate closely to keep up with developments.

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