OnePlus 7 Pro Camera
OnePlus 7 Pro Camera

A few days ago, the Chinese company, OnePlus released its third device of the year, the OnePlus Nord. The phone is the first mid-range device the company has released in years, and now, it looks like it is already preparing to launch its next flagship device, which could be called the OnePlus 8T and OnePlus 8T Pro. Also, OnePlus may pack either one or both of the phones with a 64M-megapixel camera. This has been suggested by the strings of code in OnePlus Camera v5.4.23.

Since the release of the OnePlus 7, OnePlus has stuck with a 48 MP primary camera on its phones, and now, the company will be upgrading the camera on its next flagship device to a 64 MP shooter. This was discovered by XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username.

OnePlus recently updated the Camera app for its devices to v5.4.23. The user mentioned above carried out a teardown of the update and discovered strings indicating 64 MP. What this clearly suggests is that the company is already preparing the camera app for its next devices, which will feature a 64MP camera.

According to what was gathered from the strings, the Camera app will have a dedicated 64MP mode, which will not support burst capture. By default, the phone will take pictures at 16MP, just like other phones with 64MP sensors.

So far, we have gotten no leaks on when OnePlus plans to launch the OnePlus 8T and OnePlus 8T Pro or what features the flagship device will feature. As such, we are not sure whether it is one of them or both that will come with a 64MP camera.

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