Google Argues That Banning Huawei Could Me More Risky For US National Security
Google Argues That Banning Huawei Could Me More Risky For US National Security

Huawei getting a space in the tech news arena has turned into pretty much a daily routine. Thanks to the trade embargo which was recently slammed on the company, several companies that have ties with the US have severed ties with the Chinese tech giant. This id despite the US government extending the implementation of the ban by 90 days. The latest company to join the list is Facebook Inc. According to Reuters, Facebook no longer allows Huawei to pre-install its apps on smartphones released under Huawei and related brands.

This blow is the latest of the many which the company has had in its aspiration to remain relevant in the smartphone market in the face of a simmering trade dispute between Beijing and Washington with Huawei in the middle of it.

The report also indicates that current users of Huawei phones will still be able to use the app on their smartphones and will be able to receive updates as well. However, Huawei models that are launched henceforth will not come with the most popular social network in the world and according to a person familiar with the matter, the ban also affects Huawei models that haven’t been shipped yet. And of course, this development also affect Instagram and Whatsapp, two apps also owned by Facebook Inc.

This is not so much of a big deal considering that the apps can still be downloaded when users unbox their phones. Where Google services become available after the ban expires, the apps can also be installed using Aptoide. Huawei is expected to announce its own OS by August and some reports say it might be named ArkOS. Tell us what you think Huawei will call its new OS in the comments section below.

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