skype fb og
skype fb og

Skype now supports group video calls with up to 50 participants. This option has been tested since March, but now it has been made available to all users.

In previous versions of the program, Skype enables group video calls. The difference is, however, the limit of people present in the conversation – so far it has been 25 users. We will be able to carry out a video conference with as many as 50 people. For comparison, the FaceTime application from under the Apple brand started supporting group video calls until last year. Currently, it allows the presence of 32 people on one video chat. As you can easily conclude, Microsoft offers more slots.

To get the opportunity to run a video call with such a large number of users, simply update Skype or download from the official website.

Due to the increase in the limit, Microsoft decided to modify the notification system. Earlier, each person heard the bell when the conversation started. Currently, Skype will inform the user through system notification, and we can choose which people will be able to call us. However, if there are less than 25 participants in the interview, each participant will be informed about the sound.


What else was added in the latest version of Skype

The update also added buttons responsible for controlling sound and video during a conversation with a large number of people. We also have the option of including e-mail notifications, reminding us of missed calls or unread messages.

It is worth remembering that the option is enabled by default, so if you do not want to receive this type of information on our mail, you should disable this option. We can go to it by going to Settings and then to the Notifications tab. The Email Notifications section includes the Reminder options for missed calls and Reminders for missed messages. Just uncheck them and it’s ready.

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