MTN music plus free 150MB has been a better means for some guys to enjoy surfing the net on their Android Devices for a very long time. For quite some days now, some guys have been complaining bitterly about the MTN Music Plus free 150MB which seems to have been blocked because re-subscribing has become a very big problem.

mtn+logo+shopWell here again are some new ways to get it working again for you:

To Subscribe

Send I to 5900 to get 150mb

To Cancel
Send CANCEL7I to cancel.
Repeat steps to continue to get it.

Other Subscriptions
1. Send B to 5900 [30mb] 3days
2. Send D to 5900 [150mb] now changed to 7days instead of 30days
3. Send F to 5900 [7mb] 7days
4. Send I to 5900[150mb] 7days

To unsubscribe
1. CANCEL3B to 5900
2. CANCEL7D to 5900
3. CANCEL7F to 5900
4. CANCEL7I to 5900

That is the new method of renewing the MTN music plus 150MB over and over.
Enjoy it while it last.

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