With the slew of smartphone releases of 2018 coming to an end we have set our sights upon the flagships of the phones which we will be getting in the year 2019. Just like Samsung, LG and Sony are known to release high end phones at the start of the year, the Finnish phone maker which is undergoing a resurgence through the HMD group is also know to release premium handsets at the start of the year.

Rumor of the company’s next flagship phone has been floating around the tech space for a while with images of the supposed flagship spotting five lens arranged in a pentagon structure at the back of the phone and today we edged towards conformation of the rumor,

Popular leaker who is well reputed for being almost always accurate Steve H. released photos which seem to conform that we would be getting the five –rear facing camera phone soon

Being factory computer aided designs, the images might not be 100 percent factual but we can estimate that it would not be far off the final product.

From the images leaked we have been able to deduce a few things and we can tell just what we could expect from the devices.

  • No notch
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It seems the Nokia 9 pureview would not feature a notch has been prominent on a host of android phones recently released like the Google Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL.

  • Dimensions

The new Nokia pureview would likely feature a 5.9 inch QHD display with body proportions of 155x75x7.9 mm which put s it just slightly wider and thicker than the Nokia 8 sirocco which is just 5.5 inch.

  • Processor

The Nokia 9 pureview would most likely feature the Snapdragon 845 silicon which is an upgrade from the Snapdragon 835 processor featured in the Nokia 8 sirocco

  • No phone jack

It seems we would not be getting a headphone jack on the Nokia pureview.

  • The blurred lines

The setup on the rear end of the Nokia P pureview displays five shooters along with a dual tone led flash and a dual sensor detecting proximity.

The Nokia 9 Pureview is also expected to spot a USB type C and to come with wireless charging support. The no sign of a physical camera button leaves doors open for speculation of an in-display fingerprint scanner.



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