Top New Phones Coming Out This Year (2017) & 2018

List Of New Phones Coming Out This Year (2017)

The year 2017 is characterised by many versions of smartphones from different companies, and although the year is nearing completion, the smartphone market is still waiting for many notable phones that have not been announced yet. In this article today, we will highlight the most important phones expected and their most prominent specifications expected and all leaks received.

1iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro:

No one knows the exact names of the upcoming Apple’s phones, but it is confident that the company will strive to provide all that is new and distinctive since the year 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first phone for the iPhone in the world in 2007, The 5.8-inch edge to edge makes us expect that the new phone will retain the same dimensions as standard phones but with a larger screen because of the edge-to-edge screen feature.

According to the leaks, the screen will come with OLED technology with a resolution of 2800 * 1242 pixels with a big difference in quality from all previous iPhone phones. The display is also expected to come divided into two halves. The first half will be a small size at the bottom of the phone, To give you the basic functionality of the on-screen application such as the Touch Bar part we saw on the MacBook Pro this year, which will make the actual screen size about 5.15 inches. Not long ago a video about this video was released among the standardisation community. Which could benefit Including Apple in this tape.

It is known that Apple has patented a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen without the need of a button, and is expected to come with the new Apple phone, but there have been some other leaks that it is possible that Apple uses a laser next to the front camera The user is expected to come with an exclusive technology that combines these leaks together, such as what happened with Samsung’s Note 7 phone, where the phone came with the iris scanner feature in addition to To normal footprint to unlock The phone, because of the leaks that appeared on the phone, and other sources said that the company will adopt glass structures instead of the usual metal to be in line with the form of the new phone, which means that the phone may come with a wireless charging features.



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