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IMG 20180723 131515

Apple released some new photos app features in iOS 12 which we will be looking at here and also be showing you how to make the best out the features.

The most talked about Photos app feature in iOS 12 is perhaps the For You Tab. Like it says, This Tab is specifically made for you – to help you make the most out of your pictures when it comes to viewing it, sharing and categorizing it. Under this For You tab, you have some really nice submenus which we will be looking at starting from the first; Sharing Suggestions

Photos App Features in iOS 12

Photos app features in iOS 12

Sharing Suggestions

Sharing Suggestions like the name suggests helps you share photos efficiently. When the photos apps recognized someone in a picture you have on your phone, it will ask if you would be like to share the said photo with friends – probably to the person in the photo. If you would like to send the photo to a friend then simply select the photo and click on Next just beside Share with Friends? And tap Share in a message. You can also share multiple photos by selecting the photos before clicking Next.


Second in line is the memories section. This simply gets all the photos and videos from a specific event, vacation, outing or gathering and puts them all into one collection for easy viewing. Each event, holiday, outing or meeting gets its own collection with the photos and videos taking at the event added to the collection. This is done automatically without any action on your part. It gives you sort of like a homemade video of all your vacation, gatherings, etc.

To see a memory, First Tap on Memories from the For You tab. Now, Tap on a Memory to see all the photos and videos contained in the memory, the location of the Memory and also nearby photos alongside related photos. You can also click on the Play Button at the top to start viewing the memory and even edit it if you want.

Shared Album Activity

Shared album activity one of the new photos app features in iOS 12 that I personally like. The feature is just like a mini Instagram within the photos app where you get to share your iCloud albums with others. Other people get to share their iCloud albums with you, and you can like and comment on it. Others can also like yours and comment.

Enhanced Search

The search also got a touch as it seems to have gotten smarter. You can search for your photos and video a lot more faster by searching the person name, date or place the picture was taken, or a word related to the picture. For example, if you attended a wedding and you would like to pull up a photo or videos fro=m the event you can simply search for “Wedding.” Photos and videos for the wedding will come up.

You can also search for photos or videos by combining multiple words. For example, if you took your dog to the beach and took a photo. You can pull up the photo by searching for “Dog” and “Beach.” This, to me, is one of the best photos app features in iOS 12.

Wrapping Up

The new photos apps features in iOS 12 are undergoing some works as well as the whole entire OS – iOS 12. So Apple might need to add a couple more stuff or improve on the existing ones up there that we already know of.

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