Economists at Chicago University, Marianne Bertrand and Emir Kamenica, found that the US owner of the iPhone is “behind water”. Their work was published by the National Office for Economic Research.

The paper states that iPhone ownership is directly linked to wealth. It even has to be the most common high-income symbol, says Business Insider.

More likely than Android smartphones

iPhone, like other flagship ships selling at high prices, is not designed for everyone. Economists have focused on analyzing trends in income, education, gender, and political ideology in their work.

Interestingly, the fact that no other smartphone brand can predict financial status better than the iPhone’s ownership. According to the findings, it should be up to 69.1% that the iPhone owner falls within the definition of high income. For the sake of completeness, it was the top 25% of the best-earning people in Chicago. With the iPad, this was 67%, with Android devices up to 59.5%.

Of course, every study has its own limitations. For example, we can talk about the total number of respondents, even though they did not include 6,400 in the study.

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