The year that is about to end will be remembered in the world of smartphones to consolidate two trends: frameless design and dual rear camera. It is always useful to remember Xiaomi as the basis of the revolution that introduced the “full screen“, launching last year the revolutionary Mi MIX. For its part, this year presented its evolution, the Mi MIX 2; so, for many, it is time to think about the future Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S. After the first rumours confirmed as false, a new cluster of speculations begins due to a leak in which a breath of originality can be seen from the design point of view.

But first, let’s remember a little. After the  Mi MIX, Samsung’s response was immediate. Earlier this year, the Korean company introduced the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus; also with “Infinity Display” and minimum frames. The rest is history, most of the smartphone brands in the world have created their phones without a frame, although sometimes the graphics updates have more sense of the real design. Despite this, the general trend was to obtain larger viewing sizes.

While not all are complete without bevel, the size of the frames has been significantly reduced. This trend has become so huge that even Apple had to give in and launch the first iPhone with an edge-to-edge display, the iPhone X. The American company decided to scrap almost wholly the bevels, except for a notch on the part top of the screen to house the cameras and sensors.

Oppo Reno: this is how the photographic sector will look in detail

As some of you know, the black strip is known as ‘notch’; said cut on the iPhone X had not been liked by many users, not to mention that none. But not only the iPhone X has this feature, but the Essential Phone by Andy Rubin also has a small notch.

New supposedly filtered image of the design of a possible Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

Most manufacturers choose to keep a certain amount of bevels at the top or bottom. For example, Xiaomi launched the Mi MIX 2, which has a bit of chin to accommodate the front camera.

However, it seems that the company was not happy with the design and wants to try something different. According to a filtered image of the upcoming  Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S, instead of keeping any bevelled, the phone will have a notch. And interestingly, the notch will be placed in the upper right corner of the screen. To be honest, the site of the notch may seem a bit strange, but it’s only because we could not have imagined something like that before.

In addition, when observing the low quality of the image, we are not very sure of its authenticity. Remember that all these images are just rumours until proven otherwise officially. However, it should be noted that Slashleaks often filters images that are ultimately legitimate. But without entering into discussions about this, we believe that notches on the screens are going to be the next trend.


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