New schemes of the iPhone SE 2 confirm its design

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated phones of this 2018 is the new economic mobile of Apple, the successor of its iPhone SE 2016, which could return in this 2018 with renewed airs and borrowed features of the iPhone X. Now we have known new schemes of the iPhone SE 2 that would confirm some of its aspects.

Precisely this week we announced an unexpected invitation to the Apple media, on March 27, the same day that the Huawei P20 or the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S will be presented.

Images with schemes of the iPhone SE 2

No doubt the launch of the iPhone SE 2 is approaching, and that is something that can be seen by the appearance of more and more leaks in a shorter period of time. Come on, that in recent weeks we have known much more information about its design and possible technical characteristics. A couple of days ago a new video was seen that showed an alleged iPhone SE 2 in the hands of a user, showing us what the new generation of this phone looked like.

First, its size is smaller than the iPhone X, second by that thicker profile and metal frame that has the iPhone SE, and in general by an appearance more similar to this small mobile of Californians. In addition we can see in the back a vertical dual camera like the iPhone X, although the images leaked a few days ago were casing showing a traditional single-lens camera, so the divergences in this aspect are served.

Now some schemes of the iPhone SE 2 that have been leaked a few hours ago, show us the front of the device, which is really as we have seen in this video, could definitely be showing a real unit of Apple’s new compact device. In it we can appreciate the presence of the notch in the upper part of the screen, while the original Home button disappears, in favor we expect the Face ID. In any case it seems that if we put together both leaks, we can get a pretty clear idea of ​​what the new device of the Californians could offer, which could be the little brother of the iPhone X, both in specifications and in price.

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    @Musa Nasirudeen: Apple is said to be working on three new full-screen phones- one of which is to be a lower-cost option making it cheaper.


    Apple hasn’t introduced an iPhone at WWDC since June 2010 and i think it would be an unusual fit for Apple to introduce a new version of its entry-level handset at that show.

  3. Musa Nasirudeen says

    Apple are really toping their game on technological advancements but I urge Apple company to steady produce a very affordable phones also because not everyone can have that huge money to buy most Apple devices because of the huge cost but all the same it’s a great device from Apple!

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