New Snapchat Feature Let’s You Create Highlight Reel of Messages with Friends

Snapchat has launched a new feature that let’s users create a highlight reel of their messages with friends and view it on the same platform. The user can now view his or her chat history with friends on Snapchat all in one place with this new feature that is called Friendship Profiles.

With this feature, a user gets a landing page of his or her interaction history with a friend on Snapchat. That can be done with each friend separately. The feature is said to be rolling out to Snapchat users shortly but the process will be gradual. Along with this feature, there will also be new features that will highlight relationship status on Snapchat. These features will also be rolled out at the same time Friendship Profiles will be rolled out.

To access the Friendship Profiles start by tapping on a friend’s Bitmoji where there are contents you may have saved about that friend in a chat. The desire of Snapchat is to give users the opportunity to have a one-stop snapshot of each of their friends on the app. To affirm this, the company made an announcement on 13th November 2018.

The other things that will also be included in the Friendship Profiles are photos, messages, and other items saved in a group or when chatting with a friend on Snapchat. With this, a user can create a unique home base for each of his or her friends about their relationships. Furthermore, this serves as the right way to highlight the special moments that Snapchat friends have shared.

Only the holder of an account will see the friendship profile he has kept. This means contents of the profiles will be highly restrictive to the user alone and not to the public. However, you could choose to share this information with friends just share your location with Snapchat and the profiles will show your Snap Map location to your friends.

Users should also expect Bitmoji merchandise and Bitmoji Stores. These are comic strip made out of your personal Bitmojis and those of your friends. These too will be rolled out with the Friendship Profiles update.

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