You probably already forgot your password on some application or site, needed to unlock some bank app, a new account or things like that that required 2FA codes, those series of numbers that arrive with an SMS.

If you use Android Messaging, unfortunately, it is not possible to copy text from SMS to make the user’s life easier, then it is likely that you will enter or even memorize all the code so you can copy and paste it into the application or site that was requested. It turns out that all this work is to end the new update of Android Messaging!

Messages with 2FA code will now receive a Copy Soon feature in the SMS notification. Thus, instead of the traditional “mark as read” and “respond”, now the user can only select the option Copy, followed by the code in quotes. Both the notification balloon and the open conversation will be able to use this new feature.

Novelty is not yet available to everyone in the Play Store, so if you want to have early access to the feature you can download the app’s APK file right away and install it quickly on your Android smartphone. To do so, simply access the APK Mirror by clicking here and then selecting the Download APK option.

If you are accessing the site by mobile, simply open the file by the completion notification after the download ends. If you are downloading from your computer or notebook, you will need to pass the APK to your phone and access the folder from your smartphone.

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