For everyone who uses new media, there is the possibility of having the impossible to become possible. That has also come out to Viber users this week. The company has rolled out a feature that the users have been pleading to have for some time now – the ability to edit messages they have already sent.

True, Viber may not be as popular or engaging as WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger, the platform has millions of users all over the world. Now, these users have the ability to check their sent messages and to correct typos, then resend, as it can be done on Facebook messenger, and even on Twitter messages.

The new feature was actually added to Viber for Android a few weeks ago. However, it is just now that users can avail themselves of this new treat. iPhone users still don’t have and may have to wait a couple of months to get it.

The new Viber feature is basically about how to fix errors in sent messages. It goes further than that however, as it could be used to change the tone of a previously sent message.

Making things look better, Viper puts the ‘edited’ tag on the corrected message in a way to show not just the sender but the recipient that a modification had taken place in the past.

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Viber came out to reveal that the feature is for those who perfectionists like they are. These set of individuals hate typos no matter how small it is and will like to do away with any that may find its way into composed text.

Since typos are capable of ruining a whole day, Viber thinks this is a good way to avoid that, of course, deleting the message the whole message can work, but seems like a waste of precious time, hence the tweaking comes very much handy. Especially is that so, if the error is just one word.

Here’s how to do it.

Simply tap on the Viber message, choose ‘Edit’, and your original text will appear in the input area, with cursor waiting for your command. Once you have edited the text, just tap send and you have solved the issue.

Viber app can be downloaded from iOS App Store or from Android Play Store.


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