WhatsApp is preparing to put in place a new feature that could make going on holiday a lot more problem-free. Accordingly, the new update is meant to mute group notifications completely.

Until now, unread messages are still seen on the WhatsApp icon, since muting group chats only disables push notifications from the messaging app. So now, if any message sent to group chats are muted they will not appear. It means that automatically archived messages will not appear anywhere on your phone screen.

Would you like to enable the new vacation mode feature? To do that, you will need to mute a group chat and then archive that chat. Next, you can select the vacation mode to ensure that any future messages from that group don’t cause any disturbance or distraction.

It is clear that WhatsApp has not enabled this mode yet and it is also not clear whether it will first come to Android users or to iOS users. It is not even clear when the update will go live. It is expected that it will go live as soon as the next scheduled update is pushed forward. Notably, updates like this are rolled out every weeks or so.

Image: Whatsapp

We have heard about the anticipated update about the inclusion of ads on WhatsApp status feature. That shows the significant effort that Facebook is putting forth to make WhatsApp another Facebook.

The Facebook executive who announced that update told the Economic Times that sliding ads in between updates from friends within the app’s status section will be the primary monetization mode for the company.

WhatsApp recent updates have included the introduction of stickers which brought it in line with other notable messaging apps like Telegram.

whatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps for smartphones. It uses internet to send messages, images, videos, and audios. The service is very much like sending text messages on your smartphone but because it uses the internet to send messages, users spend less when they use the app. Even now, Windows and Mac users can use it simply by downloading it on their computers. It works on Windows 10 computers.

It allows for group chat, voice messages and location sharing.


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