Get Buddybank free airpods if you open an account by May 1st

Let's start with a clarification: what is Buddybank? In practice, it is a UniCredit current account designed specifically for the smartphone. More precisely for iPhone, since it works through an app created specifically for Apple mobile...

Grab Exciting Giveaways From Diamond This Festive Season

Skip the stress of long queues, traffic jams and drama to do your Banking. Experience the freedom of banking anywhere, anytime with the Diamond Mobile App.HOLIDAY GIVEAWAYSEnd the year with a bang. Grab exciting giveaways...

You Can Now Receive money via PayPal In Zimbabwe

Getting paid through PayPal is not easy for a Zimbabwean bank/card account holder, as some have had to have relatives open bank accounts for them in friendly nations and then have them trading under...

How To Link BVN To All Bank Accounts Without Going To The Bank

Have you been locked out of access to your account because you have not linked your Bank Verification Number (BVN) to your bank account? Today we provided you easy way to link your BVN...

Samsung Pay now supports paying through Paypal

Currently, payments made through smartphones are really comfortable and have become very popular, since you do not need a cash or a credit card to make a purchase, however, now Samsung Pay has officially announced its...
USSD code in Nigeria

All Banks USSD Codes For Recharging Your Mobile Airtime In Nigeria

Have you ever been stuck so badly that you need to purchase airtime in a remote area? Good news is you can now recharge your phone using any bank in Nigeria. An awful part...

List Of Dollar/Euro Cards In Nigeria That You Can Use Online

The Central Bank of Nigeria has of late enforced certain restrictions on the usage of bank ATM cards popularly known as Automated Teller Machine cards, for dollar-denominated transactions when they travel abroad with effect...

How To Transfer Money With *737* From GTBank To Other Banks With Phone

Are you a GTBank account holder? Have you ever found yourself in a remote area where locating a bank nearby is a quest? If yes then this post is dedicated just for you. My...

Diamond Bank Airtime Purchase Code

Now you never have to worry about being low on airtime. Diamond 937 takes the hassle out of airtime top up and makes it easy and convenient for you to recharge your phone line...
MasterCard fingerprint

MasterCard announces credit cards with in-built fingerprint sensor

MasterCard Fingerprint CardMasterCard, one of the leading global payments & technology company that connects consumers, businesses and merchants by easing payments for services have just announced a project that shocked the world - the...

Diamond Bank Reverses Stamp Duty Charge

The recent complaints of Diamond bank customers of been charged excessive amount of money for stamp duty has caught the attention of the bank which made them to quickly apologized and act in order...

Check Out Diamond Yello Account, The Easiest Bank Account Ever

The Diamond Bank has taken banking to the next level. In conjunction with MTN, it has introduced a new mobile banking system called Diamond Yello Account (DYA). DYA is easy to open, safe and...



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