XiaomiRedmiNote7Pro 2
XiaomiRedmiNote7Pro 2

When we talk about Redmi Note 7 Pro, we do not talk about an expensive smartphone. It is a device that promises to bring an affordable price with very interesting specifications.

If the global version of your brother Redmi Note 7 starts at 149 €, it is likely that this will not stretch beyond 200 € in its global base version. That is, given that we have a low price, any point of great prominence is notorious.

On the back of the Redmi Note 7 Pro, we have a dual 48 MP camera. And if Redmi Note 7 has the Samsung GM1 sensor, Pro is another conversation. Here, we have the most powerful Sony IMX586. That is, the results have to be more detachable.

Redmi Note 7 Pro is undeniably surprising in its Night Mode

Lu Weibing, strongman Redmi, has already made it a point to share the capabilities of the camera of this model in low light conditions. The image we share with readers shows that the device can undeniably deliver amazing results at night.

Image: Lu Weibing

In fact, we can say that the decorative lights and the posters seem quite vivid. In addition, darker areas such as the ground are also visible. We can say without a doubt that Xiaomi was able to work the software of its night mode with the Sony sensor.

Obviously, this image is quite good considering the price at which the smartphone will go to market. The night mode of a Note 7 Pro can never be compared to that of a Mate 20 Pro, for example. They are certainly different leagues. Xiaomi shows it is doing a good job and wanting to smooth out its low reputation in mid-range cameras.

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