Nintendo has just revealed a new super secret feature for Pokemon GO and Pokemon Let’s GO! According to reliable sources, this secret feature is already embedded within an accessory for the game. It is called Poke Ball Plus, a piece of plastic with lights, a button, and a small computer inside it that does various things when the button is pressed. There is also a reason for making it a secret. This is due to the prohibition of users not having the ability to press the button so they could gain access to the bonus that would only have been gained if the button was intentionally pressed.

There are actions to be taken and stages to be reached in order to unlock this magic. First, users will see that both Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee game will do the magic of unlocking the bonus. The users too will have to possess the following items; at least on of the above mentioned games, a Nintendo Switch, and a Poke Ball Plus.

Once the user transfers a Pokemon from the Nintendo Switch game into their Poke Ball Plus, the bonus is unleashed.

Furthermore, once the Pokemon is inside the Pokeball or the Poke Ball Plus, the user will gain a bonus inside of Pokemon GO, that is to say, in the mobile game. If the games are connected and on, the user will see bonuses fling all over the screen through the course of the games’s evolution, or through the future. One thing the user should know is that bonuses in these cases are all centered on the Poke Ball Plus game.

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Once the pokemon is released into the rightful place – inside the Poke Ball Plus – from the Nintendo Switch game, the button does not need to be pressed anymore. Before any Pokemon can be transferred, the user has to press the button just once they get near a Pokestop in the real life.

Pokestops contain Pokeballs, candy, and other stuffs. More than that, these would often be activated by spinning with a finger swipe on a smartphone or any other game device like tablet. Pokeball vibrates when this happens because normally, it works with the Pokestops and Poke Ball Plus. So pressing the button will just be something like a swipe spin in the
device on which the games is played.

The news now is that Nintendo has made the feat of activating an automatic Pokestop spinner in a Poke Ball Plus possible.


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