The title of this piece is a simple, yet sweet statement. However, some individuals may ask: Is it scam or is it legit? Granted, everyone wants a better standard of living and adding one more source of income or relying on an online source of income such as this seems to be one of the best things that can happen to those looking for a job.


The NNU program is the abbreviated form of Nigeria News Update. If you visit the website, you will see that it is a forum, much like Nairaland. Not much of contents on the front page, however, there are a few links, some of them leading to the same page.

After looking around, you’ll see that the website is depending on making money through banner ads and also through the funds the management gets from users when they sign up on the NNU website. Users have to pay 1,600 Naira before becoming a member on the website.

NNU Income Program has a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria. These could be the youths, students, or anyone who needs more money and has nowhere to turn. Those who are mostly signed up on the website are young people or students; seeing that the NNU Income program claims to be generated for university students looking for ways to make money online.

Anyone who has access to the internet can do these simple tasks and earn income every day.  Shockingly, there’s no requirement to become a member of the NNU Income Program, except for the payment of 1,600 Naira.

There are a few ways that users can make money. These are also easy to do, so no one should worry, because they don’t require any intelligence to start. Those who join can make up to N50,000 in a month just by posting statuses on Facebook, leaving comments on posts on the NNU website, by referring others, reading articles on the website.

Is It A Scam?

The management of NNU refutes any claim that it is a scam site. They have paid out millions of Naira already and are also ready to pay more. If you search online regarding this income opportunity, you will see that that are several online reviews done in favor of NNU a few months back and some of them are a little recent.

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The reviews tell us how anyone can make easy money on NNU website, how the process is easy and all those who join can benefit, how it belongs to a very prominent internet marketer in Nigeria, Paul Sam, and how it can never go wrong.

To further show that the NNU program isn’t a scam, some of the reviewers have gone further to paste their payment notifications online, an action common to online snake-oil business men. They claim that once you earn up to 5,000 Naira. You get paid!

But there’s another side to it. If you don’t get paid as soon as you have 5,000 Naira in your NNU account, you shouldn’t worry, just keep working and you’ll get paid later – that’s what the management says. That seems pacifying enough.

Steps to Earn Cash From NNU

Here are the steps to earn money from the program. Please take note that the following steps have been outlined by the NNU Income Program itself on its website.

  1. NARS (NNU Ad Revenue Sharing): in this case, a participant can earn income bonus by login in to his or her NNU account daily to read news, comment, post on forum topics, or even share assigned sponsored post on social media.
  2. NAP (NNU Affiliate Program): you earn huge commission of 62.5 percent per referral on anyone who joins NNU through your referral link.

So, for daily login, you earn 50 Naira each day, multiply that per month, and you get 1,500 Naira per month.

Secondly, you earn two Naira or above per comment on posts. Your total payment will depend on how much was made on ads on a single day basis. You can earn up to 1,200 Naira commenting on posts in a month.

On referrals, you earn 1,000 Naira on each person who joins by signing up through your link.

Sharing posts on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter also earns you money. Each member gets a certain number of sponsored posts to make on social media each day. Once you share a post on social media, you get 100 Naira. For example, if you make one post each day of the month, you could make up 3,000 Naira in that month.

For posting your own topics on the forum, you also get to earn money. You get 100 Naira for posting relevant, interesting and well structured topics.

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According to NNU, there’s no guarantee that anyone will make up to the amount specified above. However, working hard at the program could earn anyone up to, or more than 50,000 Naira monthly.

Procedure to Sign up on NNU website

Get your 1,600 Naira handy, go to NNU.NG to register. Once you’re on the registration page, enter your name, phone number, email, username of choice and password.

Next, go to Payment Option and click on Paystack, then verify that you’ve read the terms and conditions.

Once you sign up, pay your registration fee. It is the only way to get your application processed. Without payment, there’s no approval into the NNU portal. You can pay with credit and debit card. Once your payment is received, you can login and start making money.

Facts You Should Know Before You Join NNU

Any online work that requires that people part with their money before they start work isn’t legit. Most come and go in a jiffy. Websites like and offer incentive for work but are free to join.

Secondly, if the ad revenue gotten on NNU is enough to pay everyone, why charge people to join, when the NNU management knows that they won’t share those earnings with users?

No revenue sharing website has been known to last long. A website like teaches people to make money through internet marketing. Although the management shares its revenue every month, it does so with a few selected high earning affiliates. Sharing ad revenues with all users in NNU (they number up to 350,000 individuals now) is not sustainable.

The NNU management claims it is a registered business but they don’t have the physical office address listed on the NNU ‘About Us’ and ‘Advertise’ page. The only thing you find there is the phone number of the founder Paul Sam.


If this business model is viable, Google, Facebook, or Instagram would be doing it. Joining the NNU Income Program is totally at anyone’s risk. We will not encourage or discourage anyone from doing so and we are not responsible for any damages or loss incurred by anyone who joins NNU Income Program.



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