Noki 3.1
Noki 3.1

Nokia 3.1 is that companion borne for in times when you have less money to spend. It is inexpensive, without unnecessary features (You’ll love the simplicity) easy-to-use-features. Accolades are pouring in for the device from all corners of the internet and in the real world.

Released in 2017, Nokia 3.1 is one of the latest phones from HMD Global.

The feedback is that users are impressed with the device. The phone is cheap, less than N60,000 in Nigeria runs on Android One, guaranteed for two years of OS updates. People who bought it have three years of monthly security patches.

Nokia-3.1 Picture by Android Soul

The Hardware/Software Specs

The smartphone is not manufactured to compete with other smartphones that are twice or more in price. One aspect that shows this is its display which some say, falls short of what you may expect from a top-notch smartphone in 2018.

Released in the USA, the device is replete with features smartphones are known for: a headphone jack, a microSD card slot, Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3, 2GB RAM, a MediaTek 6750 oct-processor, Graphics rely on Mali-T860 MP2 GPU, the functioning processor is the Octa-core Cortex-A53 which stands at 1.5GHz. Check it out in many colors, some combined; Black and Chrome, Blue/Copper, and White/Iron.

Emphatically, the smartphone runs on Android Oreo OS which in other words is Android One. The internal storage stands at the range of 16GB and 32GB for file storage. The use of a memory card can increase the storage to 256GB. The device is almost entirely devoid of any non-Google software and you get three different apps that aren’t part of the standard Android One build. These are FM radio, Files, and the camera app

Other Features

The smartphone has no fingerprint reader, the vibrator inside and the external speaker may not just be great enough for your use but it can get loud enough, although you may not be able to hear all the instrumentals you know in a song you always play on home-theatre speakers or on orchestral MP3. For the price, one aspect a user will find attractive is the camera which is packed with features that a user will find more than worthwhile.

Something so nice about the phone is that the hardware is beautiful and one can easily see that the design team working on Nokia phones takes a great deal of attention to details. They make it simple and elegant, light but premium, something perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to pay too much for a phone, yet will be grateful for the features available to use. Nokia 3.1 isn’t an ugly hunk of plastic but is indeed a really nicely designed piece of technology.

Here below are the top five things you will love about Nokia 3.1

  1. The design is top-notch
  2. Android One gets periodic updates against security threats
  3. Simple and easy to use Operating System
  4. Helpful apps (You also get ‘support’ app)
  5. Value overshadows the cost of the device

To conclude, here below are five things that chafe you as you use the Nokia 3.1

  1. The phone is small, so the display is small.
  2. The external speaker lacks the desired range
  3. The vibrator isn’t as subtle as one may like
  4. There’s nothing special about battery life
  5. Photography may be good but the video isn’t good enough

There goes a short take on Nokia 3.1 smartphone. Sure enough, we expect more from the manufacturers of this phone and can determine that in later years, Nokia smartphones will be more to the end-users than they are right now. Just a little tweak here and there is all it takes, and Nokia could soon be a challenge to big names in the industry.

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