Nokia 3.1 Plus.png
Nokia 3.1 Plus.png

Nokia is back again and ready to take the world by storm with its latest Nokia 3.1 Plus phone. In a few ways, this mobile device is very unique, bringing out some cool features that smartphone lovers would want to associate with.

For one thing, the Nokia 3.1 Plus brings to light an ample six inches of screen which costs less than any of the biggest-screened low cost phones that you can find in the market today.

Secondly, it comes with great features such as a metal body, dual rear camera, latest Android software – and all these features at a price that is oh so affordable it sells for lesser than it’s actually worth.

On the other hand, because Nokia fails to make use of Qualcomm Snapdragon and instead went for MediaTek, some people may be thinking that it has backed down from quality. Also, instead of making use of the 1080p screen, the company went for 720p. Could it be that Nokia tried to cut corners or resort to lower quality? We cannot tell.

Today, Nokia is seeing a lot of success in European markets but the Nokia 3.1 Plus released in January 2019 is for the US markets. This, though the company’s presence in that part of the world has not been very pronounced. Apart from releasing the 3.1 Plus, Nokia has also released another smartphone that is unique its own way as well; signaling that there are better things for buyers of smartphones even in 2019.

In order to push forward into new frontiers, Nokia is making deals with three North American carriers. These are Verizon Wireless, Cricket Wireless, and Rogers Communications. These three carriers are expected to support devices from Nokia stable.

Nokia spokesperson said that Nokia is prepared to continue following up with its commitment to delivers on a global scale durable Nokia phones through purposeful, distinct design. This is made possible through fantastic consumer response.

The Nokia 3.1 Plus will definitely be available by January 31, 2019.

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