HMD’s Global Officer, Juho Sarvikas on Twitter made the announcement that the first Android 9 Pie beta Update is now available for download on Nokia 6.1 devices. This is the beta Update and won’t show up on your device anytime soon. However, the final and stable release of the Android 9 Pie for Nokia 6.1 Plus should be out in a few weeks.

If you’re hungry for a slice of the pie and can’t wait till the stable version is released, you can head to the Nokia Beta Labs and Get the update from there. Although, you should know that since this is a beta version, there are bound to be bugs and there’s no telling what effect it might have on your phone. So it’s not advisable to download the update on your main phone/ daily driver.

If you choose to download the update regardless, then you should report any bugs you encounter during your use in order to help the developers team fix it. No appetite for bugs ? If you’ve got no appetite for bugs then you should probably just wait for for the stable version which is coming in a few weeks time and will be rolled out to all Nokia 6.1 devices.


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