Nokia 9 Pureview
Nokia 9 Pureview

There have been some speculations on whether HMD’s next smartphone will arrive with Pureview technology or not. Now everything seems to point in the direction that this is not going to be so. The next smartphone from HMD Global is Nokia 9 Pureview.

The device will be the company’s 2019 flagship. For many months, HMD has been hinting at this and some mobile phone tech experts think this is the right time for the company to release the Nokia 9 Pureview. Their thoughts bother on the fact that Chinese and Korean competitors are doing everything they can to take the lead in smartphone innovation and to some extent, they are succeeding.

Nokia Had Built the Nokia 808 Pureview Before

The Nokia 808 Pureview was released in 2012. It weighed 169 grams, had 13.9 mm thickness, 41 MP camera, and 16GB internal storage. At that time, it was a hit but there was no follow up for years until now. Now we hear that HMD is set to bring a feature of the 808 to the 9 Pureview.

Whatever it is, the Nokia 9 Pureview has been now and then declared as an incoming smartphone from the stable of HMD.

Pureview Trademark is Back!

With the latest declaration about the Nokia 9 Pureview, we know that the Pureview trademark is certainly here again. So fans would be thinking that it will make sense if the latest Nokia 9 Pureview comes with a capable camera or several of these.

What We Know From Nokia 9 Pureview Leaks

Leaked images of this device have surfaced online and they portray the Nokia 9 Pureview with five cameras. Some portray the device as coming with triple cameras. Three is actually the normal cameras found on most commercial phones today. If Nokia 9 Pureview comes with five cameras, that will be a big deal!

Release Date of Nokia 9 Pureview

Nokia 9 Pureview still has no release date up until now, though several reviews have been made about it. It appears that most reviews of the device are based on the leaked information found on the internet. There are rumors that Nokia 9 Pureview could arrive sometime in 2019. In a world where several smartphones are released every month that may be a minus because other phones that were announce last month will be released this month of October 2018.

However, it could be a plus if the HMD brand is prepared to introduce at least one special feature that will warm the device into the hearts of fans.

How Nokia Smartphones Perform Now

At the present time, there are several Nokia smartphones in the market. Despite the fact that HMD has never released the Nokia 9 Pureview, the company keeps producing smartphones that couldn’t stack up against their peers.

One example is the high-end Nokia smartphone 7.1 Plus which will arrive soon. It falls short of fans expectation. Taking a cursory look at the specifications of Nokia 7.1 Plus, it will hardly be a match for Samsung galaxy Note 9 or even OnePlus 6T. These two have better specs and performance ratings than the Nokia 7.1 Plus.

What The Pureview Name Could Signify

For years, Nokia has had the Pureview brand associated with cameras on various phones that it produced. These were reputed to be good cameras for Symbian or Windows Phones. In 2018, hardly will you find anyone who is really interested in paying attention to these technologies. Thankfully, Nokia 9 Pureview will be an Android device.

Could it be that the magic in the next Nokia 9 Pureview will be in the camera just as it was for Pureview 808? Only time can tell.

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