nokia 1 1024x683
nokia 1 1024x683

The latest generation of smartphones seems, apparently, very similar to each other. To try to differentiate themselves from all the other models is Nokia, through a new device with 5 cameras on the rear side.

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The Nokia smartphone

To reveal the existence of this device were some images that, recently leaked on the web, would show just the back of a smartphone with a Penta-configuration.

The rumors regarding the possible release of a device of this kind had begun to surprise at the beginning of this year, in correspondence with the announcement by the Finnish company, the arrival of a Nokia 10.

According to the images, the five cameras will be arranged to form a circle on the back of the future device and will be able to count on the quality provided by Zeiss lenses. The latter have already shown their potential through previous models produced in collaboration with HMD Global, even with the creation of a miniaturized zoom system.

In front of a five-camera configuration, one wonders what their possible function is, even if, at present, no information has yet been revealed in this respect.

Some opinions suggest however the interest of other companies for the production of smartphones with similar configurations: one of these would be LG, according to rumors, would be working on a device with five cameras, but three on the back and two on the front side.

The interest in cameras

Nokia had already shown, in the past, its particular interest in the features of cameras on their devices.

Further confirmation of this trend was the purchase, by HMD Global, of Microsoft’s PureView brand. A similar acquisition is not a certainty, but it makes it more practical to find the PureView technology even on the five cameras of the future model.

What do you think of this configuration?

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