Nokia reveals actual photos of Nokia 1: the cheapest smartphone

This may be the first real image of Nokia 1, which is considered to be the cheapest smartphone model of the HMD for about $ 95 and will be launched in March.

According to Phonearena, leak information shows that Nokia 1 is quite similar to Nokia 2 as the HD screen, 1 GB RAM, modest ROM of 8 GB. It has a metal chassis, while the back cover is polycarbonate like the previous Lumia models.

Interestingly, the Nokia 1 will integrate Android Go, a lighter version of the original Android, to optimize for low-end smartphones. Nokia 2 is still running Android full version.

Two photos leaked today suggest that HMD seems to be choosing one of the two designs. If so, you’ll probably see the Nokia 1 at MWC 2018 coming out in February.

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