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shutterstock 749071780 5a5908a57d4be80037d3ccb4

A few years ago, Nokia was the king in the world of phones and thanks to the 5G, it can be one more time. We all know that with the arrival of the iPhone, that changed drastically. But this would imply a development in a new technology, we are talking about the next arrival of the 5G smartphones.

A recent news from T-Mobile gave us this amazing revelation. The North American phone company signed a contract with Nokia. This would allow them to be the first company to develop the promising technology.

Bases of the agreement

The contract is for several years first of all. This allows the Finnish company to develop the T-Mobile network with state-of-the-art technology. We are talking about 5G millimeter wavelengths of 600 MHz and 28 GHz compatible with the modern 3GPP 5G New Radio standards.

Meanwhile, the North American company wants to make a new bet that allows the development of new technological zones. The CTO Neville Ray ensures that the goal is to bring American customers to a new 5G mobile network nationwide.

The benefit of the development of 5G for Nokia and T-Mobile

Meanwhile, Nokia announces the development of the Multidomain Architecture. In addition to an Evolution of Sites Service. These, according to Monica Tives of the Silicon site, have a clear function:  “they will help to work with precise technical requirements regardless of the supplier”, because “while the first promises to simplify the legacy and multi-vendor networks, “the second will allow the evolution of 2G – 4G to 5G and save on CAPEX and OPEX“.

In this way, Sanjay Goel, current president of Global Services Nokia declares: ” The evolution of the 5G network is not just about radio infrastructure, but about the entire multi-domain architecture and how operators can manage it”. So we talk about a technology that can be used by any operator, in the long term.

The new technology is a significant opportunity for T-Mobile and Nokia. The American company advances Verizon in this race. For its part, Nokia would outstrip suppliers such as Ericsson and Huawei. Brands that also want to take advantage of the new technology.

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