Nokia came alive, died, and was raised up. Now, the brand is showing signs that it could one day climb to the top. HMD Global did a very nice job of reviving the company and since then better phones have been popping up. The redesigned Nokia 8110 which came as a 4G Android smartphone, revived the curved slider design that is immortalized in The Matrix, is one example of what Nokia is prepared to do.

Everyone wonders what the secret to the Nokia story is really like. HMD Global, the Finnish company that revived Nokia has performed what some believe is magic. There are still a lot of people who would love to know that story.

But HMD has a lot to be thankful regarding the company’s revival. This in itself has lifted the face of HMD Global and made it truly global in all senses.

In a nutshell, the company has done a lot and is doing much right now to please fans. For example, the company reinvented iconic Banana phone. This was used by Keanu Reaves in the Matrix, like mentioned above. Also, Nokia 8 comes as a great-looking phone that wants to reinvent the selfie. Not just those; even the new Nokia 3310 maintains toughness like the original one.

Nokia’s Banana Phone

Now it is said that Nokia is the number three brand in the UK although it was practically dead a few years ago. Interestingly, what an amazing thing to think that Nokia is only trailing just Apple, and Samsung in the UK and is ahead of big names such as Sony and HTC in the UK. This information is well supplied by Counterpoint Research.

Nokia is revealing new information about an unbreakable smartphone that the user can put in his pocket and sit on it without fearing a breakage on the phone’s display. Moreover, the company said that the phone will come with a retro slider.

It is rare to find a cool revival story like that of Nokia, perhaps there are a few others. However, now that Nokia is back, all it wants to do is sell smarter, higher priced phones. It all tells a story of knowing how to be good to customers and learning how to maintain that policy.


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