NonScript Extension For Google Chrome is Set to Release in June tech news
NonScript Extension For Google Chrome is Set to Release in June tech news

This news is for the Google Chrome Browser Users who were eagerly waiting for NoScript Chrome extension. Earlier, this extension was available for only Mozilla Firefox Browser.

NoScript extension for Chrome Browser has been finally released on the Chrome Web Store. This extension has been developed by Giorgio Maone.

The author of this extension himself informed ZDNet that the fully stable version of NoScript has been developed and will be launched in the Chrome Web Store by end of June month 2019. If you want to test out the beta version 10.6 then check out this Link and wait for 11.0 version to arrive.

NoScript is set to default extension in TOR Browser. This extension for Mozilla Firefox was launched on May 13, 2005. It gained a huge success because of the privacy lovers all around the globe.

What is the use of NoScript Extension

This is mainly used by the Cyber Experts to analyze harmful sites to Collect information and report about the Online illegal activities being done by these sites. Normally, it can be used to block ads and unwanted javascript running in the background that can harm your privacy during browsing.

Problems Faced In Developing NoScript Extension For Chrome

Giorgio Maone has worked hard for months to develop NoScript for Chrome Browser. He faced several hurdles in coming between this development.

One of the tough hurdle which ceased out in 2019, when Google decided to roll back some changes in the latest update which made these extensions which need to interact with javascript to work became useless. NoScript lost its ability to do its job after the update.

In spite of the hurdles, The author developed a stable version of this extension which is going to be released very soon. Though Giorgio Maone is still in fear which can be proved by his following statement, “I and other worried developers are [still] lobbying Google to rethink this plan. Some concessions have already been done, but I’m also studying alternative approaches for the worst case scenarios”.

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