Following Microsoft’s efforts to popularize Windows 10 notebooks based on the ARM platform, Lenovo appears to be preparing to announce new devices with the Snapdragon 845 processor. At least according to a recent benchmark leak, in which the model was able to offer up to 50% performance improvement.

A Lenovo notebook was spotted among Geekbench’s performance records by running a Snapdragon 845, which has a top speed on 2.80GHz smartphones. In the case of this notebook, however, it was running at a speed of 2.96GHz, very close to 3GHz.

This high performance can be a result of both the manufacturer’s work with Qualcomm and the possibility of better thermal dissipation and cooling methods that a notebook provides. That way, you can unlock more of the potential of Snapdragon 845 in Windows 10, without any complications.

Until then, we have seen few ARM-based Windows 10 products. As the wccftech website points out, the reason might be that Qualcomm was already announcing its Snapdragon 845 when machines with Snapdragon 835 were being released. As a result, notebook makers may have preferred to wait and let their releases into the latest chipset.

Microsoft has also recently announced that its ARM64 SDK will enable developers to recompile UWP applications to the ARM64 architecture, allowing machines running Snapdragon to run 64-bit apps without problems.

So what do you expect from the upcoming notebooks with Snapdragon 845? Leave your comment below.

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